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The Campton Clinic offers supportive, nutritional coaching sessions to develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with food. Taking a mindful and collaborative approach, an initial one-hour assessment will provide insights into current habits and choices. This can then be followed by a bespoke number of 30-minute check-in sessions to guide progress. This won't involve a strict diet to follow but will provide you with guidance and evidence-based advice to make the best choices when it comes to food and address your wellness goals.

Enhanced nourishment can lead to some of the following benefits:

- Improvements in gut health

- Boosts to your energy levels and immune system

- Reductions in inflammation

- Balanced blood sugar levels

- Improved sleep

- Maintenance of a healthy physique

- Balanced stress and mood.

Start your journey with an initial one-hour consultation. These sessions can be offered in-person or online. 30-minute check in sessions can be booked to enhance and cultivate positive habit formation.

You may also wish to take a look at our wellbeing packages.

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