Specially designed to help you manage chronic, persistent pain conditions, this package offers an hour’s initial assessment to check your suitability followed by six, 60-minute sessions tailored to suit your individual needs and goals.


The sessions comprise:

1. Pain Education – an introduction to the science behind pain.

2. Exercise Therapy – a series of exercise options which can include strength training, Pilates, Mindful Movements and Therapeutic Yoga.

3. Pacing, Activity Management and Goal Setting – how to manage everyday life with chronic pain and how to set value-based goals.

4. Sleep – understand sleep and discover a variety of ways in which you can improve your sleep.

5. Relaxation techniques – learn how to practice techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing and mindfulness.

6. Pain flare-up management – an invaluable guide to strategies that will help you manage flare-ups.


Extra exercise and relaxation sessions are available as a follow-on to the Chronic Pain Rehab Package.



Understanding Pain

Rethinking Persistent Pain

We receive referrals from Dr Paul Rolfe and Dr Evan Weeks at Cambridge Pain Consultants.